We have been working on the NOAH Compendium for the last year or so. It is an essential reference guide for vets (and other users) of animal medicines. The annual book version is found in all practices in a familiar and convenient form, while the website version is easier to search through and can be to keep up to date. The app is design to be more useful in situations that neither version is the obvious choice, like when the vet is out and about without a reliable mobile signal but can still use the app on their phone as it works entirely offline (except for updating).

The Aimer version of the app has been out for a year but only recently has it switched over to live updating. As the previous version of the app supplied by another company had some trouble with updating from the website feed, it was important that we got this right so everyone took their time to make sure the over the air updates worked as planned. We are all now satisfied that it does.

So here is the latest NOAH Compendium app – as handy as the book and as up-to-date as the website!