How do I navigate around the Bible using the app?

  • To find the book, chapter and verse you wish to read, tap the centre of the top toolbar to access a list of Bible books. Scroll through to find your book, then use the first column of numbers to select the chapter and the second column to find the verse. The app will take you straight there.
  • Alternatively, open the main menu to find the Quick Verse Selector. Follow the arrow on the right to see a grid of all Bible books. Tap through to select the chapter and verse. The Quick Verse Selector also records the books you visit most regularly.
  • There are arrows at the bottom of the screen pointing left and right. Tap these to jump quickly between chapters and books.

Does the NIV Bible app include footnotes?

  • Footnotes are highlighted in the text in blue. Tap to bring up the note

Can I share Bible verses?

  • If you wish to share a verse, tap and hold or double tap a verse and select ‘share’ from the black contextual menu that appears. Then select the medium you wish to use, e.g. SMS (text), email, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform.
Is there a ‘Search’ function?
  • Use the Keyword Search in the main menu to find every instance of a particular word in the Bible. Simply type in the word or phrase you wish to find and tap ‘Search’.
How do I change the text size?
  • In the Settings menu, tap on the Aa symbols, you can increase or decrease the text size to make reading more comfortable.
How do I turn on dark/night mode?
  • In the Settings menu, choose dark mode to turn the background black and the text white.
Are the words of Christ in red?
  • You can choose to turn the words of Jesus red or keep them black using the option in the Settings menu.
How do I play the audio?
  • Simply double tap on a verse to bring up the black contextual menu. Select either ‘Play verse’ or ‘Play from here’ depending on which you prefer. To stop listening, just tap the stop button on the right hand side of the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Alternatively, at the top of the Audio menu you can see what you were listening to previously. Press the ‘Play’ button here to resume. You can also easily skip to the next or previous chapter by tapping on the ‘Forward’ or ‘Back’ buttons in the Audio menu, either side of the ‘Play’ button. Beneath the ‘Play’ button you will also see the last three passages you listened to.
How do I use the journalling feature?
  • Tap on the journal icon on the top toolbar to open the Journalling panel. Tap on the note or bookmark icons in the Journal tab to make a note or a bookmark. The entries will appear next to the verse to which they are related. You can make multiple notes on one verse: just open the existing note, and tap again on the note icon. The number of notes or bookmarks against a particular verse will be recorded next to the verse.