Frequently asked questions

1. How do I buy a subscription
In the main menu, tap on the Subscriptions option. You can select one of the 4 options. Online subscriptions require a wifi or data connection to the internet to view the content, offline subscriptions allow access to the content at any time.

2. What do I get with the subscription
The subscription gives access to the Lectionary content for the period you have subscribed. For example, if your subscription runs out in 3 months time then you will be able to access the content for this period. On download the app includes a free 7 day subscription with access to offline Bible readings. After this has expired you can sign up to either:

• A full subscription which includes all NRSV Bible readings immediately available at all times even if when you are not connected to the Internet. Offline access to the NRSV readings
• A basic subscription where the Bible readings are only available when you are connected to the Internet. Online-only access to the NRSV readings.

3. How to I share a subscription with my other Android device
You can share your subscription with another device as long as the second Android device is using the same Google Play account. To activate the subscription follow these steps:
• Download Lectionary on the second device
• Open the app and go to the Subscriptions section
• Tap the restore button, the subscriptions should automatically activate if the Google Play account is the same as that used for the original purpose
NOTE: Google Play subscriptions cannot be shared with iOS devices and visa versa.

4. How do I cancel a subscription
To cancel a subscription you need to go to Google Play and navigate to the ‘My apps’ section in the main menu on the left. The Subscriptions tab will list your subscriptions, tap on the Lectionary icon and unsubscribe.

5. Help, I’ve got another question, who do I contact
For other enquiries, please contact us our here