Last week: Our second shortlisting for a FutureBook award ended like the first both in that we didn’t win and in that the winner was once again developed by Touch Press (this time it was the amazing Disney Animated that won).  And though we were slightly sad at the time, we immediately cheered up when we recalled that on the same day our new app with the Church of England went live in the App Store. Sunday Worship: Readings & Prayers from the Church of England is at heart an alternative to the pew sheets that are given out on sundays with all the main prayers and readings that will be used that day. Anyone who goes to church can now take their favourite device with them and save their church the cost of printing. There should be more press about this over the coming weeks but it has already found its way into an article in the Daily Mail.

This week: That was all last week, but the good news this week began when we found out that aka. Apps Magazine had made one of our two BFI Screen Guide apps, 100 Cult Films, App of the Day. Even nicer was the review that went with it – below is the last part of the review.

There is no doubt that this is an impressive body of work made even better by clear presentation and the introduction of elements that do not overwhelm the central message and instead enable you to get more out of the information that is presented to you. For film fans, it is an essential purchase and a guide that you will return to again and again for reference and inspiration.

Rated 4 out of 5

A beautiful, simple and clear guide to some wonderful films written in the most engaging and thought-provoking of styles.

The full review is here