This list of FAQs is to help customers using the Kings & Queens app. This is kept up-to-date but if there’s anything not answered here please get in touch.

How can I get the app?
If you have an iPad just visit iTunes here.

Who produced the app?
Aimer created this app for the Royal Collection Trust. The Trust is responsible for the care of the Royal Collection and manages the public opening of the official residences of The Queen. Income generated from admissions and from associated commercial activities like this app contributes directly to the Royal Collection Trust, a registered charity. The animations in the app were specially created for the app by Cognitive Media.

Is there an iPhone version?
Not at the moment, however, we are looking into it…

Does the app contain pre-conquest Kings and Scottish monarchs?
Not at the moment, however, we are planning an update that will add this information.

Is the app available for Android?
Not yet, we are assessing the viability of how to proceed with the Android version, based on how the iOS version progresses.

How can I find out more about the paintings?
Each full screen painting view has a button in the bottom right called ‘Discover more on the Royal Collection Trust website’. Tap this link and the Royal Collection Trust page for this painting will load in the web browser app.