Here are the latest FAQs for the Decisions on the Rules of Golf app for Android.

What countries is the app available in?

The app is available in all countries except USA, Canada and Mexico. These territories are covered by the USGA.

What versions of Android does this support?

The app is developed for Android 4.4 and above, older versions of Android are not supported.

How do I find the decision i’m looking for?

Finding the right Decision is simple and swift. You can search the Decisions in a number of ways:

  • By performing a search
  • By browsing the Rules and their related Decisions (see above)
  • By entering the specific Decision number if you know it – you can do this in ‘Explore Decisions’, using the Decisions Picker

How can I share decisions and rules?

You can share information about Rules and Decisions you are viewing – simply tap the ‘Share’ icon and select the method you wish to use.

How do I create new folders in the My Decisions section?

  • Short swipe a folder to the right to add a new folder
  • Long swipe a folder to the right to edit the folder name
  • Short swipe a folder to the left to delete the folder

On Android, what permissions are required?

The location and photos permissions are required by the sharing plugins for social media and sharing the image that is included in some sharing options. The storage permission relates to the videos that have to be copied to local storage so that they can be played locally, without a connection.