Class Professional Publishing is part of a group of specialists publishing imprints including Class Professional who specialise in health care books and learning resources for paramedics, nurses and other health care professionals.

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Apps developed with Class Professional Publishing


CFR Plus: The App For Community First Responders

CFR Plus, the app for community first responders, ensures that you have access to the latest guidanc …



JRCALC Plus allows any Ambulance Trust to include their local guidelines alongside, and integrated w …


ParaPass: CPD for paramedics

ParaPass is the new name for JRCALC: CPD. Expanded, extended and enhanced app for all paramedics.

iCPG: the JRCALC Guidelines

iCPG: UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines

Also known at the JRCALC Guidelines these are a key resource for UK paramedics and ambulance teams.

EEAS Clinical Manual

We created for the staff at East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust for Class.