Frequently Asked questions FAQ

I can’t hear the audio but the volume on my device is up?

Make sure your device is not muted, either via the side button on your device or via the icon in the control centre (swipe up from bottom of the device to see this).



How do I add more than one child to the app?

On the main menu page, tap the ‘head’ icon on the top left of the screen, here you can add and manage multiple users.

How do I answer question using audio?

First of all make sure you’ve allowed the app to use the device’s microphone and speech recognition (see answer below for help with this). When you’ve started a quiz tap the ‘Use Microphone’ button under the keypad. The will count down before you can start speaking. Try to speak clearly and limit background noise, TIP: don’t speak too fast as errors can occur.

I need to give the app permission to access the microphone and speech recognition, how do I do this?

You must allow speech recognition and microphone access in Settings > Privacy > Speech Recognition/Microphone