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My Pilates Guru: Pilates exercises for fitness, well-being and relaxation

Welcome to the My Pilates Guru app. This is a unique application that works in conjunction with the My Pilates Guru book to give you a complete health package.

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This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

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The App Store’s most popular Pilates app – newly updated, My Pilates Guru is now the most comprehensive mobile instructor available.


* 90+ exercises with hi-res photography
* Build your own sessions
* 25+ recommended sessions from 15–60 mins
* Monitor your progress
* -NEW- Sync with your Apple Health Kit
* -NEW- Navigate easily with a variety of filtering options:
* -NEW- Step-by-step instructions (available through in-app purchase)
* -NEW- Read-aloud instructions (available through in-app purchase)
* -NEW- Video your practice to review later (available through in-app purchase)
* -NEW- Photograph your poses on time delay and compare (available through in-app purchase)

Build a practice to suit your body.

* Look for exercises with a particular FOCUS AREA, such as ‘spinal and joint mobility’ or ‘challenging muscles'.

* As you strengthen your practice, navigate by LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: Basic, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

* Want to extend your practice in a particular direction? Tap on a RELATED EXERCISE and build a focussed session, or try an EXERCISE VARIATION.

* Save your FAVOURITES or create a selection of PERSONAL SESSIONS to return to.

Many exercises have GURU GUIDE TIPS that remind you of key things you should bear in mind during your practice.

Also look out for COMMON MISTAKES; these will remind you of the usual errors you need to avoid when doing this exercise.

The RESULTS section records your activities and allows you to see which exercises and sessions you've completed and what they've focussed on. This is a useful tool for enabling you to BALANCE YOUR WORKOUTS and achieve a good all-round exercise regime.

You'll also be able to monitor your progress by entering your weight and height from which will sync to your APPLE HEALTH KIT and calculate your BMI. Adding your weight to this screen regularly will enable you to monitor changes.

Enjoy the My Guru experience and a new, healthier, you.

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What's new in Version 2.1

Removed in-app purchase, all content now available

Updated: 06.03.2012
Version: 2.1
Size: 48.77 MB