CFR Plus app is for community first responders. Providing latest guidance and best practice for these key volunteers.


This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

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The Community First Responder app provides reference and reassurance for responders in your life-saving role.

To access the app, you need to register your email address with us and create a password. If you subscribe to the iCPG app or JRCALC Plus app, you can login with those same details. If you are a new user, register your details with us on the app.

Once you have logged in to the app you will be prompted to subscribe. Subscriptions are available for £1.99/month or £19.99/year; these are auto-renewing subscriptions.

You need to be online to download, register, sign in and subscribe to the CFR app. Once you have logged in, the app works offline.

- Features materials from the textbook First Responder Care Essentials

- Topics include medical emergencies, trauma, manual handling, cardiac arrest, patient assessment, airway management, scene assessment and more

- Anatomical diagrams

- Clinical skills photographs

- Based on the latest evidence

CFR Plus offers your service the opportunity to adapt the app to meet your specific needs, add clinical bulletins and extra resources according to the needs of your area.

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What's new in Version 1.0.3

Improvements to our user log in system.

Updated: 22.06.2020
Version: 1.0.3
Size: 94.04 MB

Available for Android

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