This is a general FAQ for our Bible reading apps, it will be useful in answering questions on subscriptions and covers both iOS and Android versions of each app. Do let us know if your question isn’t answered below.

This page will be updated with the latest support information.

What apps are covered in this FAQ, not every FAQ applies to every app.

– Lectionary
– Reflections for Daily Prayer
– Daily Prayer
– Sunday Worship
– New Daylight
– Guidelines
– Day By Day with God
– Daily Bread
– Encounter with God

How do I buy a subscription

Here are the steps to follow to purchase a subscription
– Tap on the menu icon when viewing a days content, this is the bottom left icon on the screen and consists of 3 or 4 horizontal lines.
– In the main menu there is an option called ‘Subscriptions’, tap on this option.
– The subscription page will display the purchase options, select the option you want
– You’ll be prompted to continue and enter your Appstore / Google Play account details.

How much content do I receive in the free version?

The bible reading apps contain up to 21 days of free content, the exact figure depends on which app you have, to view more content will require a subscription.
Daily Prayer and Sunday Worship apps include all content available online. To read the content offline will require a subscription.
Will you be making the apps available for older versions of Android?

Sorry, no, we won’t be supporting Android 4.3 or below.

How can I share my valid subscription on both Android and iOS devices?

This is now possible via recent updates to all our apps made with Hymns Ancient & Modern (includes Lectionary, Reflections, Daily Prayer, Sunday Worship). Please follow these steps
– Make sure you have the most recent version of the app on both Android and iOS devices
– Set up a Hymns ancient & Modern account here (click on log in/register in the top right-hand corner).
– Login to this account on the device with the full version of the app
– To do this go to the main menu (via the icon in the bottom left of the screen) and tap the ‘Subscriptions’ button
– Near the top of the subscriptions screen tap the link called ‘Sign in to’
– Enter you account login details, this will associate your full version with your account
– Now enter the account details on your iPhone in the same place in the same way.
– You should now have access on both devices
If you ever do need to reset your password you can do that here:

I’m having trouble with my subscription, what should I do?

There are a few simple things you can do before getting in touch.
– Check you have the most up to date version of the app in the Appstore or Google Play
– Make sure you are logged into the Appstore or Google Play account that you bought the subscription from
– Restart the app and your device

Help, I’ve tried everything above and can’t see the subscription

If you’ve tried the options listed above and your subscription is still not showing then we’ll need you to send us a formatted email from within the app, please follow these steps.
– In the main menu tap the ‘About this App’ link or the ‘Info’ icon.
– Tap the first blue link called ‘please use this link for additional help and support’
– Send the email with your details in and a brief outline of your issue, this will allow us to troubleshoot the issue.

How do I cancel an auto-renewing subscription?

If you have an iOS device please read Apple’s support page explaining how to switch off auto-renewing subscriptions, there are about 4 steps. To manage an Android Subscription you can visit your My apps/My subscriptions on Google Play to view, edit or cancel your subscriptions. Or follow this link for instructions.