BETT-AWARDS-2017_Finalist_logoWe are delighted that the Andrew Brodie apps are once again finalists for the BETT Awards. This time it is the 6 Spelling apps and we are all hoping they go one step better than the Telling the Time apps which were finalists last year but didn’t quite get over the line!

Andrew Brodie will be talking about the apps at BETT on Thursday at 2pm in the DIT Export Theatre so please come along. I am sure Andrew will be happy to answer any questions you have but Adrian from Aimer will also be at BETT that day so get in touch if you have any app questions and would like to meet.

Bloomsbury Education have also introduced 2 new Andrew Brodie app bundles for SATS preparation just in time for next week’s BETT show.

Andrew Brodie KS2 SATS Prep: Spelling, Time & Maths containing 7 apps for £11.99


Andrew Brodie KS1 SATS Prep: Spelling, Time & Maths with 5 apps at £8.99

We also have re-badged the 5-6 bundle as Andrew Brodie School Starter: Spelling, Maths & Time which still has 3 apps at £6.99

Find out more about the Brodie apps on Bloomsbury Education

UPDATE: we just added this special offer on the Andrew Brodie app bundles for BETT