Just in time for Advent at the end of last year, Aimer managed to get 5 apps into Google Play. We had a little trouble with the merchant services side of things with subscriptions but it all seems to be working out. That aside there are other ways in which this rollout has been a very different from the Apple experience.

Here are a couple of other small differences between the supply chains iOS and Android – one positive and one negative:

  • Our first Android apps have more free content than the iOS ones as there is a trial period built into Google Play subscription set up that is not in the iOS equivalent we use. As we already have a trial built in to the app as Apple don’t offer this in the set up, the Android user are getting more free readings before they need to subscribe.
  • We can’t go back and change the prices for Android subscriptions in the same way was we can for the iOS ones. So now we need to work out how to bring the prices into line. At the moment the US dollar prices are direct currency equivalent for the Android subs – with all the odd cents, etc. that entails for non-sterling prices.

It is the little differences like this that add up in terms of the time that is spent on delivering to more than one platform. Neither of these issue are about the sort of code base or tools used to develop them nor are we talking the subtle differences in user experience between the OSes chosen.

Of course, if you have a recent Android device why not give the apps a try and lets us know how you get on…