We are getting ready for our first student careers fair, Talent Fest 2019. It is being held on the Tuesday 18th June at The Clarendon Centre here in Brighton as part of the largest skills festival for the digital sector in the South East.

We thought that it would be good time to revisit what we say when we talk about Aimer and make sure it is relevant to the sort of people we hope will visit our stand. We are nearly 10 years old and that is the sort of landmark that deserves some sort of reflection on who we are now and what sort of journey we have been on.

When we started in 2009, the only device we had to worry about was the iPhone. Now our assumption is that all our apps will work on iPhones, and iPads, and with the many flavours of Android on a myriad of mobile devices. And just to make sure our apps are were their users need them we also versions of our apps that work on desktops and laptops, online via web apps and now on voice assistants like Alexa. 

We have been and remain an app developer with strong links to publishing, particularly book publishing. Our website tagline reflected this:

Apps and products for the new golden age of publishing

And though we still work with publishers things have moved on.

So we are trying out this:

Making apps work since 2009.

We also had this one line description:

Aimer Media develop new publishing models using the opportunities created by mobile app frameworks.

Similarly, after 10 years this still holds true, but we felt that it too needed a bit of an update. In lots of ways, we have developed those models and we have taken those opportunities. But much of what we do now is building on our successes for our existing clients and for our new ones.

So in keeping it very simple this is the revised one liner:

Aimer Media making apps work since 2009

We hope you like it and if you are starting our in software development you might like to make some apps work with us.

Come and see us next week if you are coming to the Talent Fest or even if just happen to be in Brighton.