Aimer Media makes apps. We recently revised our tag line to “Making apps work”.

This simple statement describes:

  • Our pride in how we build our apps
  • Our desire to collaborate with our partners so we create the right app to achieve their goals
  • Our ambition that people find our apps useful and important enough to keep on their device or recall the phrase needed to invoke an app

For many of our projects we work with book publishers. We have tried to be part of their response to the challenge of digital in publishing. We still believe that many existing forms of publication still contain much more structure and “cleverness” than can be seen on the printed page and would make great apps. So we remain, when we get the chance,  dedicated to bringing out as much of that editorial vision as can be squeezed into a download.

We now see what apps can do beyond the book and increasingly work with our clients to find the vision that gives their readers or listeners or users or customers or consumers what they want and need in any format they’d like to get it.

Our earliest expression of intent stated that we would develop new publishing models using the opportunities created by mobile app frameworks. However, the past ten years, we have developed new models and we have taken many of the opportunities that the shift to mobile has thrown up. Now much of what we do now is building on our successes both for our existing clients and for new ones.

Aimer Media was founded in 2009 by Adrian Driscoll, Andy Parle and Mark Brown.

Adrian Driscoll (Commercial and Publishing Director)
Adrian Driscoll’s background as a publisher and digital publishing strategist over the last 25 years has been invaluable in the setting up Aimer Media. As a publisher at Routledge he pioneered many digital initiatives and as the co-founder and managing director of Semantico he helped create award winning online reference services for major publishers such as Grove and Oxford University Press. During the last 8 years he has worked as a digital consultant helping many large and small publishers engage successfully with the inexorable shift towards digital in their publishing. Find Adrian on Twitter

Andy Parle (Technical Director)
Andy Parle is responsible for the technical direction of Aimer Media. He has developed all the software for Aimer’s existing apps and amongst many other software projects created classroom-based education software shortlisted by BETT in 2008.

Mark Brown (Creative Director)
Mark has been designing iPhone and iPad apps since the App Store was opened, designing apps for The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, Purple Ronnie and Dennis Publishing before co-founding Aimer Media. Mark has over 20 years experience art directing and designing user experiences for a variety of digital formats. From designing early websites and developing a digital publishing system for WWF and RBS to user experience design for British Gas and Open University.

Ben Lawrence (Senior Developer)
Ben has been with Aimer since late 2013, having previously worked at Cogapp. He studied Computer Science at Brighton University. He likes cars that go fast.

Jack Duffy (Designer)
Jack is a design graduate from De Montfort University, he’s learning German and is a Man United fan. Jack started at Aimer in 2018

Tonye Spiff (Developer)
Tonye moved to Brighton to start with Aimer in 2018, having graduated from Swansea University where he studied Computer Science. Tonye is an Arsenal fan.

We’re based in Brighton, our office is in Phoenix artists studios on the Old Steine and we have a great view of the city centre. 10–14 Waterloo Place
Brighton BN2 9NB