Swearing is the international language. Ever wondered why no one’s been bothered to turn it into a systematic grid based on the chemical elements then stuck it out as a talking app yet? Well now they have.

Fresh from Modern Toss, the groundbreaking design classic ‘Periodic Table of Swearing’ is a world of swearing accessed from the comfort of your own finger.

With over 100 full colour individual talking swear buttons, each beautifully brought to life by the voice of a bloke who sounds like he knows what he’s going on about, you’ll never be stuck for the right bit of swearing again.

Key executive board meeting, marital guidance session, craftshop or just sitting about at a funeral – rack up your table anywhere and let one fly!

You Tit !

Pure Class

Let your finger do the swearing, the Modern Toss Periodic Table of Swearing App, a groundbreaking fusion of style, technology and content all brought in for round about the quid mark.

Available for Android

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